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Monday, May 8 2017

Skin-damaging foods

Skin-damaging_foods.jpgDo you know which foods are harmful to the skin, which you eat especially in the autumn? Although it is the ideal season for sweets, hot chocolate or a glass of warm milk, it does not mean you have to consume them excessively!

Nutrition plays a very important role in skin care. Creams, serums, lotions and oils will never have a guaranteed effect if you do not give them a little help.

How can you do that? Try to regulate your diet better, do not consume excess carbohydrates or salt and get some rest.

However, when the cool weather and the rainy days come, it is more of a good idea to have a book in your hand and a cup of hot chocolate or to eat pasta from your favorite restaurant while watching a movie. All of this, along with temperature, humidity and wind differences, will have a negative effect on your health and skin!

To keep your skin healthy during the cold season, you should know what foods to avoid:

Consider to use natural face care products free parabens.

Skin-damaging foods? Sweets Whether we are talking about jellies, cakes or chocolate, sweets are not the best friend of the skin. Sugar processed from these foods may give you a good feeling when you eat a glazed donut. But he is also the one who will give you the fork of your complexion, especially if it is consumed in excess! Sugar processed from food leads to skin rash, pimples or, in the case of adolescents, acne. Milk - on the list of foods that are harmful to the skin Milk can be beneficial to the body, but the skin is not even the best solution. Milk is full of growth hormones and they remain active even after pasteurization. Studies show that these hormones reach human blood, where they affect insulin, cause inflammation, and increase skin oil production. Thus, the increased level of oil from the surface of the skin builds up inside the pores, resulting in the appearance of pimples and black dots. Sure, we must not forget all the benefits of milk, especially in beauty treatments, but it is advisable to be careful when you eat it, especially if you have oily or greasy skin! If you know you will consume milk, choose a fat mask made in the house to avoid any problems! Snacks are unfriendly foods with your skin

Are you wondering what foods harmful to the skin still exist? Snacks! Although they are the ideal snack, especially for a rainy day of autumn, they are also one of the foods that affect your skin's health.

Snacks contain refined carbohydrates, and they are responsible for inflammation and for reducing natural collagen in the skin.

Over time, if you have a high carbohydrate diet, you will notice fine lines and wrinkles much faster than you would. Moreover, acne is sometimes caused by excess carbohydrates.

Juices and mineral water - on the list of skin-damaging foods?

The answer is yes! Most juices are made from dyes and sugar, but this is not their biggest deficiency when it comes to skin health.

The lack of fibers in these juices is the main reason why you should avoid them. Fiber helps maintain a balance and prevents sugar from settling in your blood vessels.

In the absence of these fibers, blood sugar will lead to the premature appearance of wrinkles. If you want to consume juices throughout the fall, try the natural ones. They will bring you extra energy, increase your immunity and help keep your skin healthy.