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Wednesday, September 7 2016

How to Install a Shower Drain Gate

Shower drain may not receive most attention compared to other part of the house. However, ECT drain shower is considered as the most vital part of a bathroom. Well, no one likes getting late to work or school just because the water drain does not work properly and the water flood the bathroom. A Properly installed shower drain grate will make your life easier as well as gives best showering experience.

Installing a shower drain grate is not an easy task but it does not mean that you can not replace it. Calling the professional help can bet the best choice especially when you have no time. But, if you are a DIY lover, replacing or installing new shower drain grate can be and interesting project.



Installing shower drain gate is indeed much easier when you install it in the first time before the floor is cemented. In this step, you can easily adjust the level of the floor with the water level so it will naturally flow to the center or wherever the drain is located. But this does not mean that you cannot install new drain on your bathroom.

Whether you replace the existing drain or install the new one, you need to make sure the materials of the drain. If you are going to use regular water, then you can use the regular drain system. But if you are going to use hazardous material in the basement or garage, you will need to look further in the regulations and local codes.

Plan the drainage system

The first thing that you will need to do when installing new drainage is to make the layout of the pipes. Make sure that the pipes go to the right waste line and then install the drain trap and cover. The trap will help you clean the drain system easier and also keep debris from the drain. In existing floor

For some reasons, we all need to replace the drainage system in the existing concrete floor or tile. Well, for this purpose, it is not impossible, but requires some time and some heavy equipment. First thing that you should do is to get into the septic system. And then you will need to dig the trench, so that the new pipe can make its way from the garage to the septic system. You can use back hoe but if you want less damage to the landscaping, you can just use your hands.

Second, you will need to dig trench in the floor using jackhammer. Dig the trench under the concrete wall to connect with the trench outside. And then lay the piping and secure the septic system. At the end side of the pipe where the shower drain is located, place a can in the drain hole and then pour the new concrete in the trench. After the concrete is dry or set up, you can remove the can and the place the drain trap and cover. There you get the new drain shower with better looking and function. You can find here reviews about linear shower drains.